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YouTube is testing a “PIP” feature for users to multi-task on iOS


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Khushi

Currently, YouTube is busy testing a new feature “Picture in Picture” (PiP). This new feature will be released exclusively for iOS users. This feature will help YouTube premium subscribers to watch YouTube videos while doing other tasks on mobile. Although, in June YouTube had already confirmed to bring picture-in-picture feature for iOS users and now the app is all set to release this much-awaited feature shortly.

YouTube has not confirmed yet, when this feature will be made available for all users but it is expected that if everything is goes fine during the testing period then the video streaming platform will soon release the feature. Often whenever we have to perform any other important task on YouTube, we have to complete that task first by leaving our favorite YouTube video in the middle, however by enabling the PiP feature, users can minimize the YouTube viewing window and complete the certain task while enjoying their favorite YouTube video.

By enabling this feature a user can simply convert the YouTube video to a mini-player window. However, let me tell you that this feature is currently only released for testing purposes for iOS users and is made available till 31st October.

How to use this feature on iOS?

Step 1. To use this feature, first, you have to open your YouTube app and select the “Try it out” mode present on YouTube.

Step 2. After this, you have to go to the account activate option available on your YouTube app, and open that option.

Step 3. After this, you require to navigate to your YouTube home screen and access the search bar and search for your favorite YouTube video.

Step 4. After the video is opened, play the video and close your YouTube app, this will turn your YouTube app into a mini player.

By following these steps, you can simply complete your other tasks on your phone while enjoying your favorite YouTube videos by running them in a small PiP pan. However, let me tell you that after you lock the screen, you will have to play the video again to stream it. In addition, YouTube has confirmed that PiP Mode is offered as a premium service for US subscribers.

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