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Zomato announced to increase the participation of women delivery partners by the end of the year.


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Zomato intends to expand the number of female delivery partners by the end of the year; at present, only 0.5 percent of women are employed as delivery partners on the platform. However, Deepinder Goyal, co-founder of Zomato, recently stated in a blog post that “In Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune, we aim to achieve a 10% participation rate of women delivery partners. However, boosting women’s participation as delivery partners is a difficult task for us because it requires policy reforms. “To encourage women to join the delivery partner program, Zomato has implemented several safety precautions to assist female delivery partners in delivering food safely.

The women who will be delivering the food will be given self-defense training so that they can defend themselves against crime. Furthermore, the company will provide all-female delivery partners with a small hygiene and safety package.The restaurant partners also express their support for the company’s new effort. Several restaurants have decided to provide separate bathrooms for female delivery partners. In addition, zomato also intends to allow women delivery partners to grade restaurants based on their safety measures. Zomato’s effort is commendable since it encourages more and more females to become delivery partners, allowing them to earn money and become self-dependent.

However, several schemes have been implemented by the government to encourage women to become self-dependent, furthermore various NGOs also continuously made efforts to empower illiterate or financially weak women to earn money by themselves but still, the efforts of the entities are not completely accomplished due to the lack of support from the private companies, however, the effort put by Zomato will surely inspire other businesses as well to employ women as a delivery partner.

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