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14 famous Android apps exposing data to unauthorized parties


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Anamika

According to reports, 14 most famous Android apps having a download base of more than 140 million have been responsible for leaking the user data because of misconfigurations in an application known as Firebase. Chances are that the data may include the user’s name, emails, passwords, etc.

Firebase is a mobile application development platform that is used to perform application analytics, hosting, providing cloud storage, solving application problems, and many more such things. Firebase was acquired by Google and is one of the most popular applications for hosting mobile applications, storing data and other sensitive information such as token numbers, users credentials, personal data, and other such information.

Firebase has been in the news recently because it has been discovered that the data top 14 Android apps which have used Firebase, having 142.5 million installs have had suffered from data misconfigurations which can lead anyone to access the real-time database by clicking at the URL and that also without any kind of authentication.

According to the reports of Security Affairs, in order to conduct this investigation, the Investigations team analyzed 1,100 most popular apps across 55 different categories in the Google Play store. For popularity metrics, our researchers used the ‘TOP {CATEGORY}’ collections provided by Google on the Play store. All analyzed categories and apps were accessible for Google Play users in the US.

The investigating team alarmed the apps developers at the right time and they plugged the leaking real-time databases at the right time.

Every day there has been news about a new data breach and applications like Firebase are there to save the information, but if those platforms will start getting misconfigured then it will become really difficult for the users to trust the applications.

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