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582k patients suffered a data breach at a medical center


Last Updated on 25/11/2021 by Anamika

A medical center in Utah, namely, Utah Imaging Associates (UIA), suffered a very hefty data breach exposing the data of nearly 582000 patients.

Even though the data breach happened last month, the company didn’t let the air out since the end of this month. According to resources, the company sent a notification to all the patients whose information got leaked during the breach.

However, the initial network infiltration happened on August 29, 2021, allowing the threat actors to explore UIA’s internal systems and potentially steal data for about a week.

Further research through thrid party cybersecurity research firm said in a report that the hackers had access to the personal information of the patients.

The data includes the first and last name of the patients, mailing address, date of birth, Social security number, health insurance policy number, and some medical information.

This however doesn’t guarantee that the hackers shared the information on the dark web. Hackers these days are targeting a lot of medical centers worldwide as they know that these kinds of centers have a lot of sensitive information.

And the centers like this once breached will pay any amount of money to secure their data from the hands of hackers to get it leaked on the dark web.

As healthcare visits require patients to provide a lot of personal information, the responsibility of securing their sensitive data can be difficult for healthcare providers.

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