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70 million new users joined Telegram during Facebook downtime


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sanskriti

Outage in Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram was very beneficial for some other apps like Telegram and Signal. Telegram creator Pavel Durov claimed that telegram received over 70 million new users, according to its creator Pavel Durov, who claimed on Tuesday that people around the world were left without vital communications services for over six hours.

“The daily growth rate of Telegram exceeded the norm by an order of magnitude, and we welcomed over 70 million refugees from other platforms in one day,” Durov wrote on his Telegram channel.

Facebook blamed an incorrect configuration update for the outage, which prevented its 3.5 billion users from accessing services including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. Also, many users joined Signal due to the default in other apps, said Signal owner Edward Snowden.

According to Durov, some users in the Americas may have encountered slower speeds as a result of the massive rush to join up at the same moment, but for the most part, the service operated as expected.

The outage, according to EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager, highlighted the consequences of depending on just a few major companies and emphasized the need for additional competitors.

Russia said that the episode demonstrated that it was correct for the country to create its own independent internet platforms and social networks.

According to market participants, WhatsApp’s almost six-hour outage on Monday affected the trade of assets ranging from bitcoin to Russian oil, but a quick transition to alternative platforms like Telegram averted severe disruption.

Other social media sites have benefited from Facebook’s demise. The Twitter Inc. network was unaffected, with CEO Jack Dorsey praising Signal as a viable WhatsApp substitute and repeating Snowden’s appeal for his followers to quit the Facebook-owned service.

Know more about the outage on Facebook: https://thedigitalhacker.com/after-suffering-from-the-massive-outage-for-6-hours-facebook-instagram-and-whatsapp-are-back/

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