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8K Association’s Key Performance Attributes For 8K TVs


Many TV manufacturers are selling 8K TVs or have various models going on sale very soon, and ahead of IFA 2019 trade show, an industry group has revealed its “performance specification” for customer TVs.

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The 8K Association consists of members like Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, Panasonic, Intel, Hisense, and TCL. Collectively, they are pushing this spec as a complete set of display performance for HDR, color performance and more that establishes what people wish to see a TV with its logo, and are currently working hard on a compliance test.

  • Resolution: 7680 x 4320 pixels
  • Input Frame Rate: 24p, 30p and 60p frames per second
  • Display Luminance: More than 600 nits peak Luminance
  • Codec: HEVC
  • Interface: HDMI 2.1

The criteria were made with the participation of the association’s membership that spans customer electronics brands and panel manufacturers. “Defining the key attributes for an 8K TV specification demonstrates the 8KA’s focus to quickly define a critical step in the growth in next-generation video technology,” said Chris Chinnock, 8KA Executive Director.

“To reach this milestone is a great testament to the cooperative spirit the members of the 8K Association enjoy along with our shared enthusiasm for the 8K ecosystem expansion.” Reportedly, 8K is marked and considered as the highest-resolution standard for creating content, its distribution and television displays which enable over 33 million pixels of resolution, four times sharper than the UHD/4K standard.

Mentioned above are the requirements listed by customers, while the details available to the members include “8K Input Parameters (bit depth, frame rate, chroma subsampling), Display Performance (resolution, peak brightness, black level, color gamut, white point), and the Interface & Media formats (High Dynamic Range, codec).

” It seems we need to see more of these TVs in action in the near future, but if one needs a reason to update that goes further than mere pixel and resolution count, then these specs may act as prime keys in pushing the new displays, similarly like HDR which was for 4K sets when they began to appear.

Kelley is a tech enthusiast, a programmer, and a football player. She deeply believes that technology has now the capability to shape the future of people if used in the right direction.
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