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A former Apple employee claims she was fired for initiating workplace harassment campaign


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Janneke Parrish, an Apple programme manager, said she was fired on Thursday and was accused of erasing information on company equipment while she was under investigation for leaking a business town hall to the media. She denied leaking the information.

The Apple employee was fired for leading a public outcry against harassment and discrimination.

Before giving her devices to Apple as part of the investigation, Parrish claimed she removed applications that held financial and other personal information.

According to Parrish, she was dismissed because of her workplace involvement.

She said, “To me, this seems clearly retaliatory for the fact that I was speaking out about abuses that have happened at my employer, pay equity, and, generally, about our workplace conditions,” she said.

Apple refused to make any comments about the employee.

Other incidents of employee discontent have lately surfaced at Apple. Two Apple workers told Reuters last month that the National Labor Relations Board had filed complaints against the firm. Among other things, the employees accused Apple of retribution and of putting a stop to employee pay discussions.

Apple has stated that it is “deeply committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace” and that it considers “any employee complaints” carefully.

Employees in the United States have the right to publicly discuss certain subjects, including working conditions, discrimination, and fair pay, under US law.

Over the summer, current and former Apple employees began sharing their stories of harassment and discrimination on social media. In a weekly summary branded ‘#AppleToo,’ Parrish and his coworkers began sharing the experiences on social media and through a publishing platform.

“If anything, it’s made the importance of that work clearer than ever, when Apple’s response to criticism is to start internal investigations into those that it wants to see gone,” she said. “It’s easier for them to terminate people than it is for them to actually listen.”

Parrish claimed she was cautious to follow business standards and never disclosed anything she thought was private. After being investigated towards the end of September, she stated she continued to publish the ‘#AppleToo’ digest.

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