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A new bug has been discovered in Windows 11 that is creating printer issues


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Since the release of Windows 11 lot of bugs were spotted in the update, now a new bug has been added to this list. This newly found bug is named PrintNightmare. This bug had also found in Windows 10 that was caused huge trouble for the users who had installed Windows 10 on their devices.

Due to this bug users are facing trouble while installing a new printer including being unable to install a new printer using an HTTP connection or trying to link to a printer leveraging the Internet Printing Protocol etc.

The most crucial sectors affected by these issues are businesses and corporations as most of their work rely on printer. However, no comments have been made yet by Microsoft regarding when the problem will be solved, it is believed that Microsoft will take some more time to fix the flaw as Microsoft is currently investigating the issue and may need to disable a specific functionality until it is completely fixed.

Admins can set up printer drivers on the client as an immediate hack by copying packaged drivers from a recognized good package location.

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