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A San Francisco-based IT firm “TAC” has switched to a four-day workweek in India


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

To encourage employees to possess a healthy work balance and maintain a satisfied workforce a cyber security firm “TAC” has been allowed the firm to be operated on a four-day workweek for the past seven months, ending on Friday to boost productivity.

The company plans to made the strategy permanent in the Mumbai office once they assure that the strategy assists workers in becoming more productive and happy. TAC Security, a San Francisco based security firm, is a leading player in security flaw management, preventing over top 500 corporations from being a victim of cyberattacks.

Currently, its Artificial Intelligence-based security flaw management system ESOF is responsible for handling over 5 million security flaws present in the corporations system. According to a survey conducted by the firm, 80 percent of the employees joined up for various courses and activities, reinforcing the organization’s confidence in their decision and results.

“In this way we can help in maintaining high-performance in the firm while prioritizing the employee’s wellbeing, we would love to try everything to assist the employees in maintaining work-life balance easily. This aims to create a fully automated approach to achieve optimal timely production.

This will also prevent workers to interact with coworkers ahead of working hours, helping everyone to fully detox. Moreover, the Indian government too intends to make changes in the work shift norms following the current pandemic situation leading to a reduction in employees’ working hours by allowing them to work for four days instead of five days if employees continue working for 12 hours daily.

Alongside, the government authorities also plan to offer free medical check-ups for employees using the Employees State Insurance Corporation.

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