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A South Korean tech giant Samsung brought two “Premiere Triple Laser Projectors” for Indian movie buffs


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

If you are also a movie buff, then you will surely be happy to hear the news that Korean tech giant Samsung has released its two premiere triple laser projectors in India. These compact size projectors allow users to easily install and operate the projector within any corner of the house.It is being claimed by the company that these projectors are capable of projecting an image or video as close as 23.8cm.

Due to the closure of theaters in the era of Covid, many movie buffs are not able to watch their favorite movies on the big screen, thus these projectors will give such film lovers a chance to watch their favorite movies from the comfort of their own home on their couch.Samsung customers can visit Samsung’s official online store and Samsung Shop to purchase from one among the models of this projector.

These projectors are available at two different prices, LSP9T (Triple Laser-enabled) model of this projector is available for Rs 6,29,900, while the LSP7T (Single Laser)-enabled) the variant is priced at Rs 3,89,900.The Filmmaker mode present in the projectors makes the movie-watching experience of the users more enjoyable.

Not only movies but users can also stream platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube using these two projectors.The expensive model of this projector is capable of providing a screen size of 130-inches while the cheaper version of this projector is capable of providing a screen size of 120-inches.

The 4K picture resolution present in both of these projectors adds more beauty to its picture quality.Apart from this, if you want to watch the content present on your mobile phone through the big screen, then you can also do it with these projectors because these projectors also provide the facility to cast mobile device’s pictures or videos on the big screen.

However, this feature is only available for users using Android 8.1 and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.Final Thought:So if you are also missing watching movies on the big screen, then must visit the Samsung showroom near you and buy one of these projectors as per your budget.

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