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After suffering from the massive outage for 6 hours Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are back


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

If you’re a regular user of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger then you might have faced the issue while accessing the apps as for the past six hours these platforms were not working properly.

Some of our sources revealed DNS or cyber-attacks could be responsible for this massive outage. Unfortunately, no information has been provided by the Facebook representatives regarding the exact cause of the outage, so it is still unclear whether our assumption is correct or not.

However, the outage has been fixed now and the users can use their Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and messenger apps. The services of all three platforms had suddenly stopped last night, after which users started posting about the outage on other social media networks asking questions related to it. Few hours back, instant apps being down was a trending hashtag on Twitter.

What is DNS?

DNS is considered the backbone of the Internet. All the social media networks and websites rely on DNS, in case the records of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp are removed from DNS for some reason then you’ll not be able to access these platforms as DNS provides information to your browser about the IP address of the site you’re going to visit based on which your browser process further to open the particular site on your device.

Twitter users should also beware!!

After Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram as per the Cyber ​​Security researchers, Soon we might face a similar outage issue in Twitter as well due to DNS issue. So, the users of Twitter might be aware of this.

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