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Essential Guide to Buy Air Conditioner in 2022


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If you don’t get the right air conditioner which is suitable for you then you might end up wasting thousands of dollars. While choosing an air conditioner you need to know the right capacity, type, and brand which will serve you better. In this essential guide to buy air conditioner in 2020, we will figure out the right 1 which performs better for you.

Before finding the right air conditioner let’s know how this will work.


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We all enjoy the cool temperature provided by the air conditioner. But have you ever wondered how this whole thing works?
You are AC has 3 important parts. They are the evaporator, condenser, and compressor. Now let’s discuss this three parts different functions.

The evaporator is placed inside your home to suck the heat inside and turn it into the cool air. While the hot air inside your home is been absorbed by a fan, the evaporator coil cools down the hot air. This evaporator coil has a boiling point of 40 degree Celsius. As soon as the coil reaches that temperature it starts to expand. This will damage your evaporator coil. To avoid this we have a compressor and condenser to cool the evaporator coil.

The condenser is a big box sitting outside your home spitting hot air from it. The compressor is placed inside the condenser. The evaporator coil will send the hot air absorbed from the room to the compressor. Here the compressor will put high pressure on the hot air and more through the outdoor coil known as the condenser.

Now, this process completes, the heat inside your house is disappeared to the air outside your house. The evaporator is then pumped back indoor and whole process repeat.


  • The first fully air-conditioned home was built in a mansion in Minneapolis in 1913 by Charles Gates. Sadly, he died before he could ever experience it.
  • If you wanted to buy a basic AC unit in the 1940’s, it would cost you approximately $350. Translating that into today’s price based on inflation, you would be paying almost $3,500
  • The first car with optional Air Conditioning was introduced in 1939 by the automobile manufacturer Packard. It wasn’t very popular due to its high cost and the fact that the evaporator and blower system took up half the trunk space.


In any electrical shop you will find 3 types of AC. they are window air conditioners, portable air conditioners, and split air conditioners.
The Window AC’S are almost not used by anyone. Most of the time people prefer split AC’S.

Window AC:

This kind of AC’s is suitable for smaller rooms where space can be the constraint. They don’t take much space And comparatively cheaper than split AC. The problem with the Window AC is the noise while operating. This is due to the single unit functioning and not like the split AC which has evaporator and condenser as different parts.

Split AC:

These AC’s have Faster cooling and have higher energy efficiency. Unlike window AC this does not make any noise.

Portable AC:

They can be easily carried anywhere and anytime. It will resemble the air cooler and very easy to use. One of the major problems which will be facing this portable AC is power consumption. It consumes lot more power than split or Window AC. Water management could also be a problem but if you try to manage that then it will be a great one.

Most of the time it is better to get a split air conditioner. This is my personal recommendation because it has better cooling and consumes less power. These two things make split AC stand on top of the window and portable air conditioners.

The Window AC is almost not in use but the portable AC has its advantage.

If you are a guy who moves from one place to another frequently then portable AC will be the only best choice for you. The split AC needs a lot of work while installing it. If you want a portable AC then you can easily lift it up and change its position while split AC can’t be changed that easily.


To get a right AC capacity first you need to determine the size of the room. Usually, the AC capacity is measured in tons and BTU (British thermal unit). Few have a misconception about the AC capacity that the lower the capacity units will save money.
This is complete Falls because when you have more room and less AC capacity then you will have more electricity consumption and also have a decrease in the lifespan of the device.

Even if you have a greater AC capacity than the room then you will have more electricity consumption. This will end up paying a higher current bill. The only solution to this is to get the right AC capacity for your room size.


The BTU stands for British thermal unit which is used to measure thermal energy. the air conditioners BTU rating indicates the amount of heat it can remove from a room. Having DTU level higher than the needed can cause the AC to cool quickly but will consume more power. If you get a lower BTU the heat load will be too much for the AC to handle. this will cause your AC to run continuously and never reach your desired temperature level.

Essential Guide to Buy Air Conditioner in 2022 2

To get a right AC BTU just follow the below chart. If the size of the room doesn’t match the numbers in the chart just take the room size which is near to your room size.

These BTU may not work for all because everyone has a different scenario. For example, if you are living in a building on the 3rd floor it is usually hotter than the ground floor. Then you might need a 10% more capacity to the above numbers.

Everyone has a different number of objects in the room. If you have a room filled with lot many objects then get another 10% more capacity. Most of the time the above calculations will work. If you have many metal objects in your room then the Room might cool a bit slower. This happens because the metal will observe the cool temperature present in the room.

Continue reading only if you found right AC capacity for your room.


Warranty: –

This is the thing to consider before purchasing any electronic goods. It is the only thing which wale save you from the damaged or faulty goods. Always look for higher years of warranty or guarantee.


If you don’t want to test the new products then choosing a popular brand is the best choice. It is not that you should buy goods from less popular brands. The popular brands are good at manufacturing goods and importantly have a very good customer service or care. In another article, I have written about the best brands you can trust while buying an air conditioner.


Window air conditioners are the best choice if you want to save few 100 bucks. This should be a choice only when you have a very small space to cool. The problem with this is the noise it makes while it is operating.


The split AC is this smart way to cool your room faster. These are the costlier than the portable or window air conditioners.


If you are a guy who moves from place to place regularly then you need to get a portable air conditioner. The people with small place should think of Window AC is because they perform very well in areas with small space. The split AC can be bought if you are looking for quick cooling.

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