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Alexa has rolled out few useful features to allow its users to cope with Covid19


Last Updated on 05/08/2021 by Riya

Alexa has incorporated a few new features that allow users to get information about nearby covid testing and vaccination centers via its platform. Although, this is not the first time Alexa has offered such a service; in 2020, Alexa introduced a service that gave details on COVID-19-related symptoms.

However, in order to help more individuals cope with covid-related concerns, Amazon has added these new features to its voice assistant service. Along with testing and vaccination centers, Alexa is also updating a feature that informs users about vaccine availability in their location as well as Covid19 relief centers. Amazon collaborated with the CoWIN platform and MapMyIndia to gather the data.

Simply ask Alexa a question regarding your query following your request, Alexa will access your smartphone to determine your location and will run a search for nearby Covid19 testing and vaccination centers, as well as information about Covid relief centers in your area. Since the arrival of vaccines in India, several areas have experienced vaccine shortages.

However, via leveraging this feature you can assist your friends and relatives who stay far away from vaccination centers to book a vaccination slot at a center where vaccines are accessible.

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