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All About IOS 13’s Dark Mode


Last Updated on 09/07/2019 by TDH Publishing (A)

iOS 13’s new dark mode feature is surely appreciated by everyone, but features that relate to privacy, user advocacy and quality of life grab more attention and makes the biggest difference for users when Apple’s new iPod, iPad or an iPhone software arrives this year.

It is reported that iOS 13’s latest beta release also leads to a prompt to potentially unsubscribe from an app to which you have a paid subscription and that you no longer wish to use it. This seems like a good idea because odds are decent that if you wish to uninstall an app, you are not planning to use related service anymore.

It is true that this might not always be the case: one could just be removing the app temporarily, or wants to use it on another device, or one could just wish to support the developer who made it. The prompt says “Manage Subscription” which would be a soft call, not a call-to-action, it is not telling the user to unsubscribe, it’s just making it an option.

MacStories editor Federico Viticci brought this to the users’ attention on Twitter after observing it in iOS 13’s second beta release. The two clickable options are “Manage Subscription” and “Keep”.

Apple has been working on increasing App Store revenue for both its users and third-party developers who are working with the platform, so the company has encouraged the developers of apps of all types to provide subscription-based services. Some developers have also locked all the functionality of their apps behind these subscriptions, but most have chosen to offer some features and content for free and others for subscribers.

Some developers might be banking on users simply forgetting they have active subscriptions; Apple offers a page for managing subscriptions that users have signed up for through its system.

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