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All to know about 8K and 4K Roku TCL TV’s & 2 amazing facts.


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TCL recently announced a new line of TCL Roku TVs that will include the new 8-Series with 4K and 8K TVs along with new FullView bezel-less Roku TVs. The best part is TCL has also heard your request for even larger TVs as they announced the new 8-Series Roku TVs will come in sizes larger than 75″ soon.

“After a very strong 2018, TCL remains steadfast in driving larger screen sizes and leveraging our vertical integration to bring better products to consumers who want more from their TVs. While TCL has a long history using QLED technology in markets outside North America, launching the world’s first big-screen TV with Quantum Dot in China over five years ago, we feel that it’s a perfect time to bring this new level of performance to our users in the US market.

With the 8- and 6-Series powered by the latest QLED color technology, there are few TVs available that can match their cinematic picture quality,” said Chris Larson, senior vice president, TCL.

“And with so much great new video content rolling out, this world-class entertainment deserves to be seen on a high-performance TCL TV that showcases every detail. That’s where the ground-breaking 8-Series and award-winning 6-Series—two powerful new TV lines that are designed to play your favorite programming in the best way possible—come in. We are confident that these additions will further solidify TCL’s position as a leader in North America and the global consumer electronics industry.”

TCL has also announced that they are using a new AI-powered upscaling system called TCL’s AiPQ Engine™ that optimizes color, contrast, and clarity for an unrivaled 4K HDR experience. AiPQ Engine features three core picture quality algorithms: smart HDR for vibrant color, smart 4K upscaling for sharp clarity, and smart contrast for dramatic depth. Every video frame is monitored extremely cautiously and referenced to an AI-curated library of high-quality video content to ensure delivery of higher color accuracy and dynamic impact.

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