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All you should know about The GTA 6 Release


Last Updated on 15/06/2020 by Hrithik V

Grand theft auto, one of the most promising games out there. People are anxiously waiting for the release of the GTA season 6 game. This season 6 of the game is under development. The Xbox X and PlayStation 5 will most probably be thinking to launch the game in the holiday season of 2020. It is good news for all the GTA fans who are curiously waiting for the release.

The grand theft auto is a seven-year-old game started with GTA vice city, launched on Xbox 360 and PS3. The game has not lost its popularity since then and is one of the best selling games to date. It is a game of rockstar games.

Since 2012, the next GTA title has been in development, but production did not start properly until 2015 because even then the team concentrated more on Red Dead Redemption 2.

This game’s Codename is PROJECT AMERICAS. It is Set in both Vice City and a new Rio de Janeiro inspired fictional location. There are several dimensional activities in Liberty City but this is not an open universe.

What about date of release?

Grand theft auto 6 is still under development stage. This edition is expected to be different and unique with a live service just like the other games today. The GTA game allows you with a customized version of yourself.

It will allow you to carry various cars and weapons, Flipping over houses, mountains, and railway tracks. It is an ongoing game where you just need to survive and explore new places. As per Kotaku, this is going to be a moderately sized game and will expand through updates.

As per the recent sources, it is clear that rockstar games is planning to amalgamate GTA6 with GTA online instead of GTA5.


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