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Amazon planning to buy MGM aiming at serving each other mutually with more content release


Last Updated on 22/05/2021 by Khushi

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Amazon Is Planning to purchase the leading entertainment company existing since 1925, MGM. According to the sources, the continued proliferation of new platforms like Disney +, HBO Max, and Paramount + has raised concerns for the Amazon streaming platform since Amazon has less content than other streaming platforms with reference to how the pandemic struck and that is why the company now wants to combine MGM studio with it to broadcast more content of MGM Studio on its streaming platform.

MGM studio is known for producing some of the most amazing movies of all tims involving names like James Bond, Rocky, Pink Panther, the Hobbit, etc.

However, due to the ongoing Covid situation, the studio is not able to release their newly produced movie series James Bond and No time to die. However the deal gives it a way out of this as Amazon and MGM the studio will be allowed to release their newly produced films in a combined effort of providing content through amazon prime.

Although the person who gives the information about this deal doesn’t want to reveal his identity but so far what is known is that Amazon may carry out this deal by spending $9 billion on MGM studio. As for now neither Amazon nor MGM has made a confirmation regarding the deal yet.

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