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Amazon Prime Day: Biggest Day for Apple iPhones


Last Updated on 06/06/2020 by TDH Publishing (A)

 Amazon is hosting its Prime Day sale starting 15 July, which is today, and it will go on till 16 July. Along with offers and discounts, we will also observe some of the great up comings during the same period (like new color variants for OnePlus 7 and LG W30). During the sale, Amazon is also offering some hefty discounts on iPhones.

From iPhone XS max to iPhone 6s, the Apple smartphones are available at a discount of up to Rs 10,000 at Prime Day sale. Two of the latest iPhones are included, too, so it’s not just old stock. Right now, the iPhone XR has a Prime Day Deal that slashes its prices 20% in Germany – Black, White, Red, Orange, and Yellow come in either 64GB or 128GB while Blue is 64GB only.
Apple iPhone XR: The Apple iPhone XR has the best deal available during the sale. In addition to the recent price cut of Rs 17,000 for the iPhone XR, during the sale, you get another Rs 10,000 off on the purchase of the smartphone,

which means that the phone will be available at Rs 49,999 till tomorrow. This price is for the 64 GB variant of the smartphone. The 128 GB model of iPhone XR is retailing at Rs 54,999 during the sale.

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Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: The iPhone 8 doesn’t have a really huge discount for the 64 GB model, which is priced at Rs 56,999, however,

for 256 GB variant of the smartphone, Amazon is offering a Rs 12,340 discount, bringing the model’s price down to Rs 64,660. The larger iPhone 8 plus 64 GB model is additionally out there on discount throughout the sale.

The 64 GB model is priced at Rs 61,499 down from Rs 77,560. The 256 GB model, on the other hand, is now priced at Rs 78,999, down from Rs 91,110. 

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Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS max: Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are out there at a Rs 5,000 discount during Prime Day sale. The 64 GB model is right down to Rs 94,900, the 256 GB variant is priced at Rs 1,09,900, whereas the 512 GB model is priced at Rs 1,24,900, which is down by Rs 10,000. iPhone XS Max 64 GB model, on the other hand, is now down to Rs 1,04,900, the 256 GB model is available at Rs 1,18,999, and the 512 GB variant is available for Rs 1,34,900 till tomorrow.

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Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s: The iPhone 7 also has a fairly good discount during the sale.

The 32 GB variant of the smartphone is down by about to Rs 5,000; now selling for Rs 34,999.

The 128 GB model is priced at Rs 45,999 during the sale.

The iPhone 7 Plus (review), on the other hand, only has a good deal on the 128 GB model, which is now down to Rs 59,999, from Rs 72,060.

The iPhone 6s (review) 32 GB model is additionally right down to Rs 26,999 throughout the Amazon Prime Day sale.

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