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Amazon to let users read articles on its platform.


Last Updated on 06/06/2021 by Khushi

Amazon is aiming to add a new feature “Featured Article” to its platform to encourage users to spend longer time on their platform and to  attract more users to the platform to expand their business on a large scale and amazon has begun testing this feature, and it is expected that if the test is successful, the features will be added to Amazon soon.

The “Featured Articles” option allows users to read articles, opinions, and analyses. Readers can find the article on a variety of topics on Amazon, including politics, economics, entertainment, sports, business, health, fitness, and many others. The e-commerce site intends to partner with several big Indian media houses and magazines to provide meaningful content to their users. Amazon will constantly notify users about the exclusive articles to keep them informed. However, this is not the first time Amazon has introduced something new to its users, in 2018, Amazon made a similar attempt by enabling local media outlets to post gadget reviews and listicles on their website. In an interview by tech crunch, the representative of the e-commerce site told the interviewer that  “Amazon continues to stay concerned with developing new opportunities to engage their customers, therefore, as an aspect of this effort we have been trying out a new feature that will show content on a variety of topics such as current affairs, books, business, entertainment, sports. 

Amazon to let users read articles on its platform. 1

Image Courtesy: Techcrunch/ Asopa Images. 

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