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American Airlines Now Offers WI-Fi to Its Mainline Fleet


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If you’re planning to go on a summer trip through American Airlines, the world’s largest airlines by fleet size and passenger traffic, there’s a great deal that you would have internet access most of the way. The company recently finished deploying satellite-based internet connection to the fleet of 700-plus narrow-body aircraft, that’s Boing 737s and Airbus A319 and 320, that mainly handles its domestic routes.

The passengers would either get Gogo 2Ku or ViaSat Ka connections, depending on where they would be heading. These connections will provide speedier and more consistent Wi-Fi than others. All these satellite-equipped planes also offer access to nearly 12 free live TV channels that one can stream on his/her mobile device. American airlines deployed satellite broadband roughly a year ago.

American Airlines Now Offers WI-Fi to Its Mainline Fleet 1
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It is also reported that the company has planned to install power outlets in every seat for its mainline and two-class regional fleets. the company also expects to roll out tablet holders to most narrow-body aircraft.

The passengers would have to pay to go online mid-flight. While the American airlines offer free Apple Music streaming, other airlines have been offering free messaging. Among American’s competitors, Delta is now in the process of updating most of its fleets to satellite-based systems too, while the situation in the US remains a bit complex.

“Elevating the travel experience is one of our top goals at American and we’ve been working hard to provide our customers with the same level of entertainment and connectivity options they enjoy in their own living rooms,” said Kurt Stache, Senior Vice President for Loyalty, Marketing and Sales for American. “In less than two years, we completed broadband internet installation on our entire mainline fleet and we will continue setting new standards in the industry to show our customers we value the time they spend with us.”

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