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An Irish-based multinational firm “Accenture” becomes a victim of a cyber attack by the LockBit gang


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Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

A global consulting firm, namely Accenture serving a wide range of industries including automobiles, banks, and many more were hit by a Ransomware gang named LockBit. The hackers proposed a deal, 6 Tb stolen files in exchange for a $50 million ransom; and warned that “if their demand will not be fulfilled then, all the data will be uploaded on the Dark Web”, a company’s spokesperson verified it to CNN.

A spokesman said that “the security controls and protocols identified an irregular activity in one of the departments, which was immediately contained. Assuring the clients, he exclaimed, no damage arose as affected systems were fully restored”. Although, it didn’t stop hackers from leaking the data. No sooner did the time ended, LockBit gang uploaded Accenture’s files, containing brochures for Accenture products, employee training courses, and various marketing material, none sensitive info.

LockBit ransomware attack isn’t the first time before it emerged in September 2019. Just like other gangs, LockBit also charters its malicious software to a third party, who gets a share in the ransom amount. Earlier this year, the Colonial Pipeline was forced to shut down its fuel distribution operation, by a group named DarkSide, causing gasoline shortages nationwide.

These attacks follow a tactic named “triple extortion”, wherein sensitive data of the victim is extracted, and whole system files get encrypted. Further, they apply pressure over the person to pay some ransom in exchange for stolen and encrypted data; otherwise, his sensitive data will be uploaded all over Dark Web. This leaves the businesses, either to lose client’s trust or scramble to pay hefty extortion demands.

Between strings of attacks, national security is at stake. The Covid-19 period has encouraged these hackers, with the rise in cases; the US government has considered Ransomware as a critical threat to national and economic security. And has set many cybercrime agencies to work it through.

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