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Apple Got Its Laptop Line-up Gutted


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It seems to be bad news for the Apple company. According to a report, there were four different models of MacBook last morning, but recently only two were found.

Starting from the positive note, Apple just lashed down the only MacBook Pro with its physical function keys and cute 12-inch MacBook. This little cute MacBook had not been modified since 2017 and was known for its crappy keyboard. So, if the giant tech decides, this crappy keyboard will no longer be in the misery list. As for now, users will have to deal with the tricky Touch Bar if they wish to buy a new MacBook Pro.

Since 2013, users had been using some variation of the Pro with appropriate function keys, which are now quite cheaper. But unlike the 12-inch MacBook Pro, those devices had not got any update since 2017. So, it doesn’t seem to be quite a surprise that the giant tech made some serious changes in its new line-up.

What Apple is selling now would be liked by many. Replacing the last MacBook Pro with physical “F” keys is a new $1,300 entry-level MacBook Pro that emerges with the new 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, a True Tone Retina display, and a Touch Bar. It also has Touch ID and Apple’s T2 security chip, which is both great. Meanwhile, a new MacBook Air is in the row that now has a True Tone Retina display as well. Apple even declined the price of the entry-level model to $1,100. It used to be $1,200, which was too costly earlier. For now, the MacBook Air still has physical “F” keys along with Touch ID.The giant tech is planning to frame the new model line-up in an old school way, like the back-in-school way. College students can get the entry-level MacBook Air for $1,000 or the entry-level MacBook Pro for $1,200. Apple will also add on a set of Beats Studio3 wireless headphones, that too free. Students could also just purchase a Chromebook for $500 and use their headphones.

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