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Apple is making changes to Mail Privacy Protection, and email marketers need to be ready


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Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sanskriti

After you launch an email campaign, the post-send and performance pillars of email marketing become the most important part of your marketing team’s mix and entire multichannel strategy. Marketers should acquire metrics and data during this phase to guide insights that will affect future emails and whole marketing initiatives. Email metrics may direct the design, content, and product marketing teams, as well as impact ad message and social postings.

These indicators, when utilized properly, enhance the ROI of email campaigns while also improving the efficiency and efficacy of marketing channels and workflows.

Email is one of the most profitable channels for reaching target audiences, with companies receiving $36 for every dollar spent on email marketing. Email allows brands to access their core customer base: email subscribers.

“Just as they adjusted to accommodate the evolution from print to digital, marketers must pivot and accommodate this new disruption to remain competitive — and successful.”

They have chosen to receive emails from the company because they want to hear from it. Marketers optimize marketing expenditure and messaging to meet company goals by using analytics to apply these insights.

An email has an influence on marketing strategy and improves overall business success. It’s essential to successful multichannel marketing. Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, which was released with the iOS 15 update earlier this summer, aims to erase metrics and data connected with email.

Apple Mail, Apple iPhone, and Apple iPad accounted for over half of all email openings in 2020, according to Litmus Email Client Market Share. Marketing barriers for segmented and tailored touch points would arise if these insights are not available. Before the upgrade, marketers and companies must change their email strategies and procedures.

Privacy has been a hot topic among businesses and consumers recently. Companies that are concerned about data breaches, reputational harm, and potential revenue loss seek to safeguard consumer information. Consumer awareness of privacy issues has risen as well. In a study conducted in 2021, more than half of those polled indicated greater anxiety about internet privacy than they did in 2020. Before freely sharing sensitive personal information, consumers need companies to establish their credibility.

Apple included additional privacy safeguards in its iOS 15 release, including Mail Privacy Protection, in response to a growing need for tighter privacy management. Users of Apple Mail may hide their IP addresses, geolocation, and other personal information from senders, preventing companies from accessing statistics such as open rates and location.

“Mail Privacy Protection stops senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about the user,” Apple said.

What do marketers get to realize this update? The post-send and performance pillars of email marketing may become extinct, which would be a significant loss to the marketing mix and multichannel strategy. There will be no statistics on open rates because the brand will appear to have a 100% open rate.

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