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Apple Reveals Apple Watch Series 5 Upgrade


Apple Watch Series 5 is nearly actually going to be disclosed next month alongside the new range of iPhones. It looks highly likely that Tuesday, September 10 will be a massive day.

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And a new leak has just confirmed that the smartwatch will be available in different finishes from the current range. In an exclusive report by iHelp BR, Filipe Esposito has spotted something very interesting in the watchOS 6 operating system developers’ beta.

It was Esposito, by the way, who spotted the date of September 10 in Apple beta software, too, effectively confirming when the keynote will be.

When your iPhone recognizes it’s looking at a Watch, the screen resolves into an elegant fretworked pattern with an Apple logo and descriptive writing specifying the size of the Watch and the metal in the case. Now, it appears that hidden within the watchOS 6 software are animations that resolve themselves with details never seen before. 

First of all, there’s a return of a ceramic case for the Apple Watch.

How do we know this isn’t just leftover from an earlier version of the Watch, you may ask? After all, although there was no Series 4 ceramic watch, there was an Apple Watch Series 2 model in white ceramic, and Series 3 had white and grey ceramic options,

all of which looked spectacular, by the way.

Well, we all know this is all-new because it provides the dimensions of the case as 44mm and 40mm, neither of which were the sizes of the previous ceramic models (which

were 42mm and 38mm). This is pretty intriguing news, and there’s more.

As well as an animation announcing the come back of ceramic is another that presages an entirely new metal finish: titanium.

Well, the new Apple Card is made of titanium so maybe Apple feels it should make a Watch to match. What’s not clear is whether or not titanium will replace the stainless-steel Watch or sit alongside it in the range.

Esposito advises caution, however, in assuming that these new Watches will be for Apple Watch Series 5. After all, the assets are found in the OS which can run on Series 4 Apple Watch, so could these new versions be for a new look that will appear on current Series 4 timepieces?

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