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Apple users are being requested by Cert-in to upgrade their iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices to the newest version


Last Updated on 01/08/2021 by Riya

Apple consumers are being urged to upgrade their iPhone and iPad devices to the newest releases by the government’s authorized IT protection body, CERT-In.

Featuring major bug updates, Apple unveiled iOS 14.7.1 and iPadOS 14.7.1 previously this week. The upgrades resolve a zero-day memory corruption issue which the administration claims have been extensively targeted amongst the users. According to CERT-In, continuous exposure of these bugs may enable an individual with core access to run malicious code on a particular machine and achieve escalated capabilities.

All iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners are advised by the Cert-in to keep up with the newest iOS 14.7.1 and iPadOS 14.7.1 releases as they are badly impacted by the memory corruption vulnerability. Apart from these devices, big devices including MacOS 11.5.1 has the bug as well. According to CERT-In, a hacker will use this memory corruption issue to run harmful malware and obtain network control. Owing to a memory corruption issue with insufficient memory management, the problem occurs in Apple’s iOS and iPadOS’s IOMobileFrameBuffer.

According to CERT-In, an attacker having kernel access might use a maliciously written application to leverage this issue that’s why someone that hasn’t yet upgraded their iPhone or iPad devices should do this by heading to Settings > General > Software Upgrade and searching for an upgrade to install individually. It is strongly advised to install the most recent version, notably if users operate one among the devices listed above.

On the other hand, users on Macs can switch to the latest release by heading to System Preferences from the Apple menu and selecting Software upgrade.

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