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Apple’s iPad OS


Last Updated on 26/06/2019 by TDH Publishing (A)

Last year’s iPad Pro got launched and it was the most impressive and expensive tablets any company had ever made. Its software seemed caught between two goals: provide classic, friendly iOS experience users were used to, and grow in a way that made it more meaningful to the Pro users shelling out of premium hardware.

With iPad OS this year, the company is striking a better balance between those two goals. People can easily check in on the company’s progress since Apple is releasing the software as a public beta. And according to the user’s feedback, the changes made are quite impressive. Some are more subtle than others, but all told, the new software refines the iPad experience in some important ways.

The first change that users will see once they install this iPad OS into their iPhones, is the look and feel; the icons are smaller now. You can fit far more icons on a single screen. It takes a little getting used to hardware like the iPad mini, but it makes quite a big difference for larger tablets like the Air and Pro, which were stuck with a fixed amount of dead space between icons.

Pinning Today widgets to the side of the home screen was another way of reducing wasted space. It is also worth noticing that these pinned widgets only appear while the iPad is propped up in landscape mode. Also, Apple’s design team has also succeeded in making the iPad OS look more like a traditional desktop OS, which is a refreshing change of peace.

iPad earlier was limited with its multitasking tools, but not anymore. Apple has this time taken those multitasking features and made them much more flexible. And it is more than switching between apps and running two apps side by side in Split view and Slide Over. Apple was also keen to talk about the new iPad OS “desktop-class” browsing at WWDC, and with a good reason. This is one of the most important changes available.

It will be a few months more before the giant company releases a final version of iPad OS.

James J
James J
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