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Apple’s new Crypto addition to iPhone


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Apple’s recent press event on Monday was filled with surprise announcements, most of them about software things. Some of the main features of iPhone’s upcoming operating system updates were shown by the iPhone maker. Apple also launched a brand-new Mac Pro generation and introduced new developers’ tools for apps, including support for iPad apps turning easily and smoothly into Mac apps.

Apple also quietly unveiled its Cryptokit framework which will allow developers to make cryptographic operations right into their apps. Though it’s too early to say that Apple is working on its own crypto projects like an Apple digital coin, that can work across it’s services and devices, it quite surely looks like a device, like the iPhone, that would soon act as wallets for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Apple has always had a rocky relationship with bitcoin in the past, but just because Apple is bringing up cryptography tools for developers, it intends in no way to create its own Bitcoin alternative, thus clearing all the uprising doubts. Also, Apple and iPhone watchers were quite quick to play down Apple’s new CryptoKit, however, with some suggesting it is not a “game changer.”  In fact, cryptography is exclusively involved in Apple’s new Find My app that will help users to find their lost or stolen iPhones and Macs anywhere on the planet, even if the devices are offline. Now that’s quite an impressive update for all iPhone users.

This incredible way of tracking a lost device might actually prove to be a crucial perk of turning an iPhone into a crypto wallet that can hold Bitcoin, thus adding another security layer to a device that has no rival. “For the first time, developers can leverage the secure enclave to manage a user’s keys in an iPhone, achieving a similar level of security to hardware wallets.” Alejandro Machado, the co-founder at Open Money Initiative, told crypto news site The Block.

There were already rumors about these updates when Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 in February. Similarly, other smartphones, like HTC Exodus and Sirin Labs Finney, have launched with a dedicated focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Seems like the entire industry is switching to crypto.

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