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Apple’s patents in 2021: Here’s what the tech behemoth might have in store for you.


Last Updated on 26/12/2021 by Ulka

This year, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) produced a report giving Apple many patents. While the patents don’t tell which devices or technologies Apple will release in the future, they do provide insight into what the business is working on or planning to work on.

The suggestions from the patents help us comprehend and predict any future inventions that the tech giant may want to release. In this essay, we’ll look at Apple’s patents and see what each of them could mean.

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Fabric with Intelligence

Apple is working on a fabric invention, according to Patently Apple, that might aid in the development of textile-based touch-sensitive devices that can be used to control a variety of touch-sensitive electrical gadgets. Conductive threads will be interlaced in two directions on the fabric. It could also be equipped with a sensor circuit. Clothing, textile-based accessories, and other electronic gadgets could all benefit from touch-sensitive material.

iPhone that can be folded

A patent for folding iPhone displays with touch capabilities on the front, back, and sides have been issued to Apple. The device could be in the shape of a flip phone, with curved sides that are touch-sensitive.

Apple’s Electric Vehicle

Apple is developing an electric vehicle that might debut in 2024. The patent illustrations hint that the car will resemble Tesla’s Cybertruck but with a more streamlined design. However, take this with a grain of salt because it’s primarily a fictitious rendering.

MacBooks with a keyboard that retracts

When the cover is closed, slimmer MacBooks with a retractable keyboard may be seen in the future. When the MacBook’s lid is opened, the keys will rise above the base surface.

Displays that can be expanded

Another patent hints that future iPhones and iPads may include a rollable expanded display. Users will be able to expand the display whenever they wish to use a larger screen and roll it back when they don’t.

Charge your AirPods with the iPhone’s built-in charger.

The patent is for a MagSafe device that attaches to the back of an iPhone and provides power via an inductive charging module that can charge and accommodate AirPods.

MacBook with a key that may be removed

According to a patent, Apple may develop MacBooks with a replaceable key that may be used as a mouse. When not removed, the removable key might be used as a regular keyboard key. It will also come with a battery to power the precise pointing capability.

Hand-tracking Mixed Reality Headset

It’s about a future head-mounted display (HMD) for AR/VR headsets that can recognise users’ hand movements as input. It will also allow users to engage with the virtual world through hand movements, according to the patent.

AirPods and HMDs have binaural audio.

Apple has developed head-tracking binaural audio and spatial audio for AirPods and HMD devices, which could improve the user’s virtual reality experience. The inclusion of binaural audio in gaming and entertainment would make them more immersive.

Apple Watch and iPhone are made entirely of glass.

Apple is working on all-glass iPhone and Apple Watch cases. The study focuses on a six-sided glass enclosure and case that could appear in a next Apple smartphone.

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