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Arab royals received apology Conti ransomware gang for data leak


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Anamika

In October, one of the leading jewelry stores of the UK, Graff, suffered a massive data breach, leading to stolen records of thousands of customers. Reportedly, the group behind this attack was one of the most influential cyber attacking groups, the Conti ransomware gang.

According to reports, after the breach, the Conti ransomware gang apologized to the victim in a statement and said that they entirely regret their decision of data breach. They said in a statement that was addressed to the entire world stating that the database consisted of profiles of many powerful personalities.

Last month, the Conti ransomware gang claimed that it stole data from around 11,000 Graff customers. The gang later leaked 69,000 documents from the jeweler’s data. The theft was reported by The Mail last week.  

“We found that our sample data was not properly reviewed before being uploaded to the blog. Conti guarantees that any information pertaining to members of Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar families will be deleted without any exposure and review.”

According to the reports of Hack Read

The gang has also made sure that they will not be posting the data and stolen information anywhere on the dark web. They don’t want to promote any revenge attacks and that is the only reason they have just exposed only 1% of the total stolen files.

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