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Top 6 eLearning Vendors To Choose From In 2022


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Learning has experienced a paradigm shift in recent years. It is no more mugging up. It is no more just text-based. 

Learning has evolved. For good. 

This was a consequence of the introduction to eLearning. eLearning allows every individual, in any corner of the world to study and learn about any industry. Learning is now easily accessible like never before. 

Educators, trainers, and knowledge providers are now able to spread and share their knowledge at their own convenience. You can also see an increase in the number of eLearning vendors as the industry grows steadily.  

Ranging from helping you collaborate with voice-over artists to consultancy firms connecting you with photographers, there is a solution to your every online training creation need. The main aim of eLearning solution providers is to offer an impeccable and unique learning experience to their users. App and templates to tools and great advice, you can find everything you need with these vendors. 

It’s true, however, that choosing the best out of the lot can often get a little overwhelming. Thus, to make it easier, we have curated a list of the best solution providers. 

EI Design 

Top 6 eLearning Vendors To Choose From In 2022 1

One of the leading eLearning solutions providers, EI Design is an all-rounder. In its 15 years of experience, EI Design has worked with clients in 16 different countries and a myriad of industries, making them the global leaders in the eLearning landscape. 

The custom-based approach by EI Design by employing dedicated teams for Project Management, Instructional Design, and technology is what sets them apart. 

EI Design takes pride in offering eLearning services that help businesses strike a balance between their goals, learner experience, and technology. The services that they offer may include: 

Training design and delivery solutions to meet leaner’s expectations and business needs. These solutions consist of mobile-learning designs, micro-learning solutions, blended experience designs, mobile apps, and personalized learning solutions. 

Immersive, non-traditional learning solutions help improve engagement rates and better retention. These consist of gamification-based techniques, video-based learning solutions, VR/AR solutions, story-based learning experiences, and more.

Continuous learning solutions to help businesses support their remote users to get access to relevant content, learn quickly, and also apply the acquired knowledge effectively. 


Top 6 eLearning Vendors To Choose From In 2022 2

An award-winning eLearning solutions provider, AllenComm is changing the future of the corporate world. This vendor gives businesses a chance to elevate the learning experience and change the way they prepare their employees for new skills and roles. 

From medical equipment, consumer goods to restaurants, technology, AllenComm has tapped a plethora of different industries operating. 

The team of experts at AllenComm is known for developing outstanding training programs that consist of the latest tech solutions and high-quality creative as well instructional design.

They also offer performance consulting services that help businesses develop a strategic framework for enhancing the learning experience after thoroughly analyzing the needs and mapping out the performance.  


Top 6 eLearning Vendors To Choose From In 2022 3

eWyse is an eLearning agency based in Croatia. They are highly recommended for those businesses and individuals that are looking for custom eLearning solutions. Their solutions are tailor-made to suit all the learning needs and help businesses reach their KPIs. 

The storyboard approach used by eWyse is what adds a purpose and flow to your training courses. They have a team fulls of photographers, artists, and Instructional Designers that create groundbreaking content that is the right mix of educational and entertaining. 

eWyse is an award-winning agency that combines traditional training values with the digital approach, thus ensuring an enhanced learning experience for your users. 

A few services that are offered by eWyse may include: 

MLearning/Mobile-Learning solutions to allow learners to engage with the course even on the go. 

Micro-Learning solutions to categorize your learning material into smaller modules. 

Short yet informative explainer videos. 

360 video solutions. 

Blended learning solutions that combine traditional face-to-face workshops with eLearning. 


Top 6 eLearning Vendors To Choose From In 2022 4

If you are looking for solutions that are innovative, G-Cube is your answer. This eLearning vendor is known for offering flexible and scalable solutions to their users, allowing them to stick to G-Cube for a long period of time. 

This eLearning vendor makes the entire training process easy by being a great collaborator and by offering a wide range of different learning technologies to the users. Be it designing the training to deploying it, you can easily take care of every phase of a training session with G-Cube. 

Services offered by G-Cube entail innovative e-Learning solutions that may include: 

Help businesses and organizations with identification of needs, creation of strategy and solutions, building storyboards, and accordingly creating content under the guidance of subject-matter-experts. 

Real-time performance support to ensure effective delivery of training sessions. 

Create interactive videos that offer a boost in engagement and improved learner retention as a consequence. 

Enhance and make the learning experience more immersive with the game-based learning solutions. 


Top 6 eLearning Vendors To Choose From In 2022 5

Keeping up with the tech trends and offering cutting-edge learning solutions are what defines eCreators. They are not just any other content development agency. 

They take pride in helping businesses and organizations enhance the learning experience via various methods ranging from rapid content creation to learning solutions inclusive of the latest technology such as VR/AR, and app development. 

eCreators don’t just focus on the content but also offer innovative solutions to deploy that content. They have a team of experts that can give your learning a twist with animations, interactive scenarios, or even turn your course into virtual reality.  

They also have off-the-shelf courses readily available for you to use. The compliance content is regularly updated by their team. The mobile-compatibility of their off-the-shelf courses is what sets them apart. 


Top 6 eLearning Vendors To Choose From In 2022 6

One of the leading eLearning content providers, SweetRush is known for its empathetic and employee-centric approach. SweetRush is known for its creative solutions that help the people in an organization grow strategically. These creative solutions have helped SweetRush earn several gold awards from the leading names in the training industry.  

Over 20 years in the industry, the team of SweetRush has helped and collaborated with their clients to develop tools that have a positive impact on the lives of users. They are known to help a business grow and thrive. 

SweetRush offers plenty of custom learning services and other solutions that help the workforce of businesses improve. These services may include: 

Build learning strategies after a thorough analysis and evaluation of business needs and goals. 

Learning solutions that are compatible with different devices including mobile phones and tablets. 

Instructor-led training solutions – be it virtual or traditional face-to-face. 

Highly interactive and engaging solutions with gamification features. 

A great staffing partner offering remarkable talent solutions. 

Combines learning design with technology such as VR, AR, and AI. 

Help improve employee engagement and performance with the help of various solutions including cultural transformation, branding and communications, change management, team development, leadership development, and more. 


There are plenty of eLearning vendors that you can choose from in 2021. However, it is always recommended to choose the one that will fit well with your needs. Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to eLearning solutions. 

Thus, you need a solution provider who understands your needs and helps you create solutions that take you a step closer to your ultimate goal. 

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