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Top 10 Best Laser Rangefinder Brands in 2022


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Laser Rangefinders are interesting devices and are mostly used for Golf players, Hunters photographers, and construction companies. It is a simple Technology which sends a laser beam to the target and reflects back to the point. It will calculate the time taken from the point A to point B and back to point A. The laser beam travels at a speed of light so it doesn’t take more than a second to get your numbers.Here I am providing top 10 best laser rangefinder brands which you can trust.

Many laser rangefinders are suitable for only a few situations. Most of them give false reading due to things like beam divergence, trees and multiple objects in the frame. Many of the brands are not able to provide the best rangefinders. But the people in this list are able to do the best possible.

Best Laser Rangefinder Brands 2020:


BUSHNELL - Best Laser Rangefinder Brands 2020

This is an American company which manufacturers spotting optics and outdoor products. They have located at overland park Kansas. Bushnell has more than 20 laser rangefinder models.

All of them are solely manufactured for golf players. This might not be very useful while you are hunting.

Bushnell has really good magnification power in its lens that makes you focus on the target accurately. This is the reason many people are loving this brand and its product. I am one of the many people who are loving this brand and its products. They have developed slope Technology which is really helpful at Uphill and Downhill views. this technology is not found on every Bushnell laser rangefinder but most of them do have.

Bushnell best laser rangefinder is Tour V4 JOLT.

2. Nikon


This is a big multinational Japanese Corporation headquartered in Tokyo. You know that Nikon produces a very good quality of cameras and lens. This is a very old company which was found on the 25th of July 1917. Nikon is trying to develop some full-frame mirrorless cameras with Z6 and Z7 models. Go check these models which are really interesting.

Nikon is well known for camera and its lenses but they also have a good collection of the laser rangefinder. they got nearly 10 different varieties of laser range finders but only half of them are very reliable. Most of these rangefinders are legal to use in Golf tournaments.

Nikon’s best laser rangefinder is coolshot 20

3. Leupold


This is another American manufacturer of Telescopic sights, Red Dot sites, spotting scopes and Binocular located in Beaverton. They have really cool rifle scopes which you can simply Mount on the rifle and start to aim the target. Leupold has got 10 laser rangefinder models and only 3 of them work very effectively. Rest of them give a minor trouble to you while you are concentrating on the target. This is a big problem on your side but the device will have a very minor hardware problem.

The leupold 119087 GX-3i2  is the best rangefinder manufactured buy them.

4. Precision


They got also low as 3 products only which are designed for golf players. I have seen good ratings of these products on Amazon.

Yes, they do give an accurate reading while you aim the target. Definitely, the best product from this company like NX7 pro laser rangefinder is not a cheap one.

5. Laser works

Laser works

They have laser rangefinders for golf and hunting as well. You can find only 3 products which are useful for the golf game. laser works have a fancy hunting rangefinder. You feel like you are a few decades ahead when you use this hunting rangefinder.

LaserWorks LW1000PRO is the best hunting and golf laser rangefinder among the 3 products. You should try this because it can be used for multiple purposes like shooting and golf.

I feel like I am running out of the list before completing it. There are very few manufacturers who make these laser rangefinders. I will try to list more which will for sure provide the quality and value to you.

6. wosports


I see only one single whichis of a good quality which can be trusted. The golf trajectory mode will help you to get perfect readings even at different angles.

This is the major flaw done by many manufacturers. But luckily Wosports and other brands in list tried to manage this issue.

7. Halo


This is only a hunter laser rangefinder. Halo has only 2 different finders. Out of these two, only one tool is the best. Halo XL450-7 is their best tool. I have examined this tool, you can trust this without worries.

8. Unieye


I was skeptical to list this brand in the top 5. This is because they have mid price range and a few low quality products. It has 2 products which are definitely good in quality. Range: 5-1800, 1200, 1000 meter range finder is the one which you and I can trust for hunting.



Suaki is not very trust worty brand. This is because they are not in this industry for many years. This shows that they are not well experienced or mastered in making these produts like bushnell and nikon.

10. ATN


The company claims to be a very good hunting laser rangefinder in the market. I feel there are other rangefinders also with this quality. The unique feature in this rangefinder is the bluetooth compatibility. You can find distance to target appears on your Range Finder App and you accept it.

Final thoughts

I would recommend Bushnell or Nikon if you want a good customer care. These companies provide good customer care as they are in this industry for many years. Even other brands in this top 10 best laser rangefinder brands provide good products and customer care but the top 2 are the best.

You can also try other brands products on this list other than Bushnell and Nikon if you want to try something new. For sure you will not find the worst products but you will get a good laser rangefinder because I have listed only quality brands on this list.

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