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Top 7 Best Snow Blowers in 2022


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Are you also tired and fed up of snow in your backyard, garage, driveway, or sidewalk, etc? Watching the snowfall can be one of the winter’s incredible delights—that is until it’s time to clean and blow away the snow from your backyard or driveway.

People who are planning to buy a snowblower ought to be thoughtful so as to pick a machine that is effective enough for their requirements. Here is the list for 7 best snow blowers in the market which just matches your varied needs and wants.

Best Snow Blowers 2020:

1.EGO Power+

EGO Power+ - best snow blowers


  • Quick-fold handle for compact storage
  • Doesn’t make noise


  • Heavy in weight (70 pounds)

This Snow Blower is a cordless snow blower that blows away all the unwanted snow without any noise. It is very efficient and effective in its functioning. It requires the support of 56-Volt ARC Lithium batteries. It has a controllable variable-speed set up to adjust as per your comfort wherever the snow should be blown or thrown away. It can throw snow up to 35 ft.

Its 2 bright LED lights make it easy for operation even in the dark. The box includes two 5.0 Ah batteries and a Charger.  These batteries just charge in about 40 minutes, unlike other batteries which take so much time to charge. These are the fastest charging batteries. This product is made up of heavy-duty steel with composite construction to handle and work in varied weather conditions.

2. Snow Joe

Snow Joe - best snow blowers 2020


  • Convenient cord-free operation


  • Batteries and charger to be bought separately.

You can count on this machine to keep your home looking lovely and neat all the time.It is the best machine for clearing snow from walkways, garages and decks. The Snow Joe iON is the most up to date innovation to the Snow Joe lineup and one of the principal single stage snow blower to give simple and comfortable cord-free activity. The iON weighs just 32 lbs. so you can carry it without much effort.

The iON has a LED front lamp which enhances visibility to ensure comfortable cleaning in dark too. It requires 40 V lithium-ion batteries and a charger for the same. It comes up with a 180° auto-rotate chute which throws snow up to 20 feet (6 m) away. Its reach is, however, lesser than the previous product.

3. Toro 1800

Toro 1800


  • Durable No
  • maintenance required


  • Battery and charger to be bought separately

This traditional single-stage gas thrower is powerful enough to take care of most areas. This blower doesn’t require maintenance, no gas and oil requirement, one can just plug it in and go. Since it is of lightweight and weighs only 24 pounds, this electric snow thrower is less demanding to move than a gas unit.

It throws snow up to 30 feet and cuts 10-inches deep. It has 160-degree adjustable chute and a safety key lock. It includes a solid, 12 Amp engine, which is intended to deliver high torque and work at moderately low speeds, making it a perfect device for snow throwing.

4. Power smart

Power smart


  • Reliable
  • Light in weight

This snow blower comes up with an incredible 13-amp motor which helps in cutting the snow 18 inches wide and 9 inches deep so conveniently. It is one of the most efficient and effective snow blowers which can throw away the snow up to 30 feet away in your desired direction. It weighs only 37 pounds thus is easy to move.

Like others, it comes up with a 180-degree adjustable chute. It is great for clearing snow on walkways and driveways. It starts easily and pretty quick due to its electricity usage and no oil and no gas usage.

5. Snow Joe Ultra

snow joe ultra


  • Easy to move

This is just the perfect blower for cleaning snowed walkways, this is the best snow blower for your needs and is budget friendly too. This beautiful machine throws away all the snow coming into your space so smoothly. Its  4-blade rotor which is constructed of heavy grade steel cuts a full 18-inch wide and 10-inch deep swath of snow so conveniently.

Its easy gliding wheels make sure that you can move the machine without any strain. Its 180º adjustable discharge chute throws the snow up to 25 feet away. There is a cleaning tool in the box to clean up the clogged chute in case the snow jams the same. Moreover, its instant start adds to its smooth performance.

It comes up with no gas or oil technology which makes it easy to begin and keep up. Intense 15-amp engine throws up to 720 lbs of snow for every time.

6. Green works

Green works


  • Less noise
  • Cheap ( Budget-Friendly)
  • Cordless


  • Better for small yards
  • No many features as compared to other products

Greenworks 13 amp snow blower is the perfect gas-free snowblower for little to medium size yards. Highlighting 20-inch clearing way, 10-inch clearing profundity, double drove lights,   directional chute, simple to move wrench for directional control, and a basic electric begin, this 13 amp snowblower will ensure to make your life less demanding. Make your life simpler with Green Works blower and leave the gas usage, exhaust and bother behind.

You just have to charge the battery and the blower is just ready to use. The cutting rotor can cut a 20″ wide snow.

This is the cheapest blower among all that we have come across so far but is worth the amount spent on its purchase as it does its work very effectively and is reliable enough.

7. WEN



  • Two-year warranty
  • Reliable


  • Not much features

This machine is a complete stunner, it throws away snow of up to 490 pounds. It can cut through a snow 8 inches wide and 7.8 inches deep easily. It throws the snow up to 20 ft away and 10 feet high.

Its 6-inches wheels and weather like weight make its mobility so convenient. Its chute rotates 180 degrees. This just the perfect device to clear your driveway with a single blow and without even tiring you.

This is the cheapest blower among all that we have come across so far but is worth the amount spent on its purchase as it does its work very effectively and is reliable enough.


We have listed snow blowers which work best for all kind of users. If you have a bigger area to clean then we recommend you purchase the snowblowers which are on the top 3 list. If the area is small then you choose anything below these top 3 products. These are the top 7 best snow blowers for you to clean up the beautiful snow which makes ugly for this winter.

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