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Bounce is all set to launch its electric scooter range in India


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by TheDigitalHacker

An EV company named Bounce is soon going to launch its electric scooter in India. Let me tell you that several other companies are also going to launch their electric scooters in India by 2022 such as Electa, Byka, Commute, ola, bajaj chetak, etc.

The special thing about this scooter named Bounce Infinity is that this scooter will be much cheaper than other electric scooters. The company claims that it will give some unique features for the convenience of users in this scooter, so let’s know more about these features in brief.

Removable battery

You can take out the battery present in this scooter and charge it anywhere as per your come. You will not need to wait at any charging station as you can also charge it at your home or office.

Battery swap network

The way we exchange our domestic gas and bring new gas, in the same way by going to the selling points of Bounce, we can get a new battery by exchanging the old one. Till now the talk of charging stations for electric vehicles had come to the fore but battery swap is a unique concept.


When it comes to the range of the scooter, the Bounce is offering a range of 80-85 km which is enough.


If we talk about the price, then you will get this red-colored attractive scooter for Rs 50,000, however, if you want to buy a scooter with a fixed battery instead of a removable battery, then 70,000 Rs. variant will be best for you.

Booking of the electric scooter will start soon

According to the company, the booking of the scooter will start from the first month of December, although due to chip shortage, it may take time for the scooter to be delivered to your home.

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