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By 2023, Uber seeks 50,000 Tesla cars on its marketplace


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Uber is planning to buy 50,000 Tesla cars to lend to its drivers as part of a grand strategy to electrify its fleet in the (uber-promise 100 percent electric vehicle EV 2030) United States by 2030. Hertz, a rental vehicle firm, stated yesterday that it has bought 100,000 Teslas, and the ride-hailing company is collaborating with them.

The decision comes as auto firms and transit providers throughout the world face governmental pressure to phase out gas-powered vehicles in favor of zero-emission vehicles. By 2030,  the country’s largest car market California has mandated that ride-hailing businesses such as Uber and Lyft use electric vehicles in 90% of their fleets.

Uber and Hertz have been working together since 2016, and for those who don’t own a vehicle, Uber has given discounts on car rentals to drivers for a very long time.

Uber drivers in San Francisco,  Los Angeles, San Diego, and Washington, DC may rent a Tesla Model 3 from Hertz for $334 per week, including maintenance and insurance, starting November 1st. Uber claims that once the service is up and running, the weekly pricing would drop to $299 or less. In the next weeks, the initiative will be rolled out across the country, with the objective

of having all 50,000 Tesla on Uber’s network by 2023.

With the weekly rate of $334, it is hard to appeal to drivers for the program but it is a benefit for the drivers in case of less maintenance and fuel-saving, says Uber.

Drivers of battery-electric vehicles will receive an additional dollar on top of that, for a total of $1.50 for every ride. On the other hand, drivers using hybrid or electric vehicles for carrying passengers will get an extra 50 cents per drive. According to Autos.com, the average weekly cost of a Hertz rental car varies from $150 to $325.

To hire a Tesla at first, drivers must have at least a 4.7-star rating and have completed at least 150 trips. Drivers will have entry to Tesla’s Supercharger network as well as savings at participating EVgo charging stations when it comes to recharging.

According to Bloomberg, just around 1% of ride-hailing vehicles in the United States are electric now. Even though electric vehicles account for less than 5% of yearly sales, the auto industry is in the middle of a tremendous transformation.

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