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China is forcing Indian Sellers to label “Made in Taiwan” as “Made in China”


Last Updated on 20/09/2022 by TheDigitalHacker

Indian businesses that imports products or manufacture from Taiwan are being forced by china to accept their forced changes.

The force is so high that Amazon India silently accepted the Chinese push to mark “Made in Taiwan” as “Made in China”. The change has been observed in their brand product produced under the Amazon basics category.

Amazon, the biggest eCommerce brand in India is found to be selling products with a label “made in china” for products that are “made in Taiwan“. It’s a big deal as India recognizes Taiwan’s independence and both countries help each other in growing their power and support.

This shows the growing domination of china and forcing not just small companies but also the big giants to recognize Taiwan as China.

Why is this a big deal for India?

India and Taiwan have deepened their relationship for decades. They have been supporting together in their hard, best times as well as initiatives that will bring the silicon chip manufacturing industry to India.

As seen in the label, it looks like the Indian government has not been observing these forced practices of adoption by china.

It’s not in government and public’s hand to boycott and accept the changes being forced by CCP. These actions of indirect enforcement should reach the IT minister and the government should

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