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China’s electricity crisis, a global concern


Last Updated on 06/02/2022 by Riya

Last week, most areas of China were plunged into darkness when suddenly the Chinese government cut off the electricity of these areas, although the biggest question that is being raise is why the Chinese government took such a big step.

Although the real reason has not been revealed yet, if a report is to be believed, then the Chinese government has taken this step due to the rising cost of coal and to reduce the pollution spread by coal. However, whatever be the reason, due to this sudden blackout, China’s economy has suffered a lot.

According to a report, the business of many big companies is almost on the verge of closure and apart from this, the business of small companies present in China is also on the verge of coming to a standstill. Not only businesses but the common citizens of China have also faced a lot of trouble due to this blackout, even heating water is prohibited in the country, due to which people have to take bath with cold water even in the winter season.

Other countries are also at risk.

The effect of the blackout in China has also been seen on other countries, as everyone knows that many types of things are exported from China all over the world, so due to this blackout, they are facing a lot of difficulties in getting those things. These things include mobile phones, TVs and even medicines.

Reduction is seen on import of coal.

Apart from manufactured goods, China also imports large quantities of raw materials involved in the manufacturing process including coal. However, due to the sudden blackout imposed by China, the crisis of coal shortage has started deepening in many parts of the world, including countries like Europe and India.

However, not China’s coal import restrictions are the only reason, but several other countries have also increased the coal prices, due to which many parts of the world saw an electricity crisis.

If we talk about Europe, then electricity in Europe is made by LNG gas, whose demand increased during covid period due to which the supply of the electricity effected badly Along with this, increasing demand for electricity generation by LNG gas by Asian countries is also being cited as a reason for this shortage.

Apart from this, if we talk about India, then India is mostly dependent on coal for power generation and is facing difficulties in buying coal due to the rise in the price of coal. If some news channels are to be believed, heavy power cuts have been seen in many states of India, including states like Delhi, Punjab, and Rajasthan.

What is the solution to this power crisis?

The best way to deal with this power crisis is to adopt renewable electricity resources.

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Image Courtesy: National Geographic

In today’s time, most of the countries are dependent solely on coal for electricity generation, which is one of the main reasons for the current reduction in electricity production. But the question arises as to which renewable electricity resources can be used.

Solar energy.

Solar energy is energy that is directly derived from the sun. There is no method to develop or eradicate this energy. It is immediately absorbed by the sun’s beams and turned to solar energy by solar panels.

Wind Turbine.

Who does not like to enjoy walking in the fresh breeze, but do you know that electricity can also be made from the wind. A wind turbine is a device with the help of which wind energy can be converted into electrical energy. Not only will this technology prove to be helpful in the generation of electricity, but it will also prove to be very beneficial for nature.

Hydro-Electric Power Plant.

Water that quenches the thirst of all is also helpful in generating electricity. Through hydroelectric technology, we can convert water energy into electrical energy.

Tidal Energy.

By this technique, we can convert the tidal energy present in the ocean into electrical energy. In this process, the turbine is driven by the power of the sea in both directions.

Biogas Energy.

We always consider animal waste as a dirty thing which is of no use, but for your information, let me tell you that electricity can also be generated using animal waste which is quite a nature friendly. Under this process, electricity is produced from animal waste through a biogas generator.

Every day several animals are killed without any reason, which is inhuman, although by this technique we can save the lives of many animals by using the waste of those animals for our daily use. Biogas is helpful not only in generating electricity but also in making fuel used in vehicles and gas for household use.

Final Thought.

However, according to some experts, completely relying on renewable electricity resources is also not the right option, we also have to store coal as a backup, so that if we ever face a power crisis due to climate change in the future. We can use coal as a backup option.

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