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Clubhouse has disabled the invite-only feature and is now available to everyone


Last Updated on 23/07/2021 by Sanskriti

Clubhouse is now accessible for both iOS and Android users, according to the creator. Since it first debuted in beta last year, the audio-only app has remained an invite-only platform. It was previously only available on iOS, but in May of this year, Android beta testing began. The clubhouse is now accessible to everyone, according to the company, which sparked a social-audio gold craze among larger businesses like Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter.

The new Clubhouse app is available now for iOS and Android, with substantial new upgrades coming every one to two weeks, according to the firm. The logo and website will also be new this time.

“[W] I’ve always wanted Clubhouse to be open. Everyone in the world should have access to meaningful conversations,” founder Paul Davison and Rohan Seth wrote in a blog post. “And the best rooms on Clubhouse are the ones where you meet people from far outside your social circle, with very different views and lived experiences, who change your perspective on the world.”

The team also gave information on the Clubhouse, stating that the number of daily rooms has grown from 50,000 to 500,000. Since the launch of Backchannel, Clubhouse’s direct messaging feature, 10 million Android users have joined the group, with 90 million direct messages received. Clubhouse, which originally appeared for iOS in April 2020, hasn’t published any statistics on how many people are using it. But, with the introduction of an Android version of the app two months ago, it hopes to jumpstart a new growth curve by making the software available to the broader public.

According to analytics company Sensor Tower, the Clubhouse app has had roughly 29.8 million global installations across both the Google Play and Apple App Store. According to Sensor Tower, Clubhouse had 7.7 million installs in June, up 108 percent from 3.7 million in May. 

Other internal data was provided by Clubhouse’s founders in an attempt to demonstrate the company’s progress in the face of major new competitors. Clubhouse claims that in just two months, it has surpassed 10 million Android downloads. The average Clubhouse visitor spends almost 60 minutes per day on the site.

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