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Cyber pandemic returned in Singapore yet again


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Anamika

As Singapore is witnessing a rise in covid-19 cases, apparently there is another problem that the country is facing along with the pandemic and that is the cyber pandemic.

In the past several weeks alone, there were reports of several high-profile cyberattacks targeting various industries in the island state.

Some of the recent cyberattacks faced by Singapore include a data breach at an employment agency and another one includes a massive ransomware attack on a medical clinic, the Eye & Retina Surgeons.

According to researchers, the Covid-19 pandemic gave a huge opportunity to the cyber attackers and criminals to try out their hand on the servers of many big and small organizations, and they will keep doing this because there is no way that companies will turn back from cloud-based storage.

Reports say that the healthcare industry of Singapore suffered another data breach. This time, personal details of Fullerton Health customers, a leading integrated healthcare platform provider, were stolen by hackers and hawked online — after a vendor of the private healthcare, group suffered a breach earlier this month. (Techwire Asia)

Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team suggests that all businesses need to maintain multiple copies of their database and files to protect the files from the hands of cyber criminals.

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