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Cybercriminals used “Phonespy” to gain access to the personal data of Netizens


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Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

These days a new scam is added in the incidents of online scamming and hacking. According to cyber security experts, the corona epidemic is behind the rise of these online scams.

Due to the lockdown in the Corona epidemic, many companies shifted their operations online, due to which people started completing most of their work from home and started using more content and apps related to yoga and entertainment in their free time.

Users started installing apps and accessing sites not only through Google Play Store, App Store, or other genuine ways but also through many other dubious sites which indirectly gives an opportunity to the hackers or scammers to enter into users’ devices.

According to experts, hackers are using a tool called PhoneSpy to carry out these cyber attacks. If you’re not aware of what PhoneSpy is let me tell you that PhoneSpy is spyware that is being used by hackers to steal login credentials, SMS, call logs, phone contacts, and images.

In addition, such spyware also helps to record audio and video in real-time by monitoring GPS location and can steal a device’s IMEI, brand, and device name.

According to the sources of the digital hackers, the cybercriminals are motivating the netizens to use this spyware through the campaign, under which the spyware is being told to stream movies and help the users to learn yoga. However, security experts have warned users to remove this app from their phones immediately if already installed.

Riya is a technology enthusiast and an avid researcher. She writes about consumer tech, hacking, and technology consumer issues at TheDigitalHacker.
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