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Data centers to be opened in Spain by 2023, Amazon invests $3 Billion


Last Updated on 08/06/2021 by Sanskriti

New data centers in the Spanish northern region of Aragon soon will open in the mid of 2022, as Amazon is considering investing EUR 2.5Billion (approximately Rs. 22,175 crores). The company said on Monday.

According to the business, the money will be invested for over ten years in Amazon Web Services, the corporation’s cloud computing service subsidiary.

Capital expenditures, such as building the centers, equipment imports, and operations expenses, such as the pay of the 1,300 people the business will hire there, are all included in the investment.

Since 2012, Amazon Web Services has made its position in Spain, and it is expanding its infrastructure to be able to host data in the country for its clients that demand it.

Israel chose Google and Amazon Web series back in April, which was $ 1-Billion (approximately Rs. 7530 crores). It aimed to provide cloud services for the nation’s public sector and military sector.

In the tender for a four-phase project called “ Nimbus”, Amazon and google won the race against Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle.

With an initial investment of ILS 4 billion, they will create local cloud sites in Israel (roughly Rs. 9,180 crores). These sites will adhere to tight security requirements to retain information within Israel’s borders.

Acquisition and construction of cloud infrastructure, formulating government policy for migrating to the cloud, integration, migration, and control and optimization of cloud activity are all included in the four phases of the project. 

According to the ministry, Nimbus is a multi-year master plan aimed at providing a complete solution for the supply of cloud services to the government, the defense system, and other economic groupings.

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