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DEATHLOOP: The Next Game from Arkane Studio


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Arkane, the studio behind games Prey and Dishonored series, is now all set to release another game called Deathloop.

The game is about two assassins “The Captain” and “Jules” who are attempting to kill each other while stuck in a time loop in a mysterious, lawless island called Blackreef. One can make out that this new game is completely intense and action-packed.

The two protagonists look like they’re equipped to do stylish and supernatural violence to each other. It’s not quite clear which role the player takes, or if they alternate between the characters, but the trailer is extremely promising from Arkane Lyon studio, that pulled off a similarly ambitious title in Dishonored.

DEATHLOOP: The Next Game from Arkane Studio 1
By: Stefans02

The players will have to hunt down targets across the island in an effort to put an end to the cycle once and for all. But players must also remember that if they don’t succeed at their first play, they’d die again and again. Looks like players will repeat the same set of incidences just to see how best they can survive the same onslaught.

The official launched trailer gives a hint about the game’s vibe and it’s also reported at Bethesda’s E3 press conference that the game combines a mind-bending story with the meticulously designed levels, that Arkane is known for.

Unfortunately, there’s no such announcement about the game’s actual release date, but, one can surely say it’s a nice weird-looking project that promises fights, supernatural powers, and a strange new world to explore.

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