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Delhi police arrested a group of hackers for stealing data from WhatsApp users


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by TheDigitalHacker

Recently, Delhi Police has caught a group of hackers who used to cheat people by sending a link in the WhatsApp chat of the users. Delhi Police caught a Nigerian member of the same gang from Bangalore and with his help located other fellow members.

How did this gang work?

First, this gang used to request users to upgrade their WhatsApp account by clicking on the link sent by them and then hack the contacts of the users. Later, this gang used to send messages to the hacked contacts requesting to donate money for the treatment of the severe disease.

Additional Secretary level officer had also become a victim of this group. Although this group was operated from Nigeria, many Indians are also involved in it.

This is not the only group to adopt this approach to get into users’ data; other hackers are also active in this field, so users should be cautious when clicking on any link on social media, email, or SMS.

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