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Due to the Covid spike, Amazon has decided to postpone its return to the workplace till January


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

When the pandemic shook the countries several tech giants have to close down their operations worldwide including Amazon, Microsoft, and many other companies as well due to lockdown which gave a lot of financial burden to the employees of those companies. Although, when the lockdown is lifted again the hope of employees begin to rise to return to the work but still several companies denied to conduct operations through the workplace in which big companies like Microsoft are included.

Microsoft announced previously this week that it will delay the restarting of its operations until all staff must be completely immunized against the coronavirus before entering the company’s US headquarters and other locations. Although, unlike its competitor Microsoft, Amazon had ensured earlier that they will restart their offices from 7 September and also added that the employees are not required to get vaccinated prior to going back to work, according to a prominent newspaper.

Amazon took this decision to assist its employees in reducing the financial burden which they’ve faced due to Corona. According to a report over 60,000 Amazon workers in Seattle, Bellevue, Washington, as well as several other Amazon company staff globally, are affected badly by the postponement of the work. The shift to office jobs by Amazon, America’s leading commercial company, would be a setback to the several central Seattle companies that survive on the trade of tech professionals.

Although, the tech giant now has changed its decision. According to Amazon spokesman Jose Negrete “this deadline has now been extended to January 3, 2022”. It means that till January 2022 no amazon employee can resume their work regularly. Although they remain intact with their assurance regarding not being required to get vaccinated against Covid before returning to work. Nevertheless, “Amazon will keep reminding staff to take the vaccine” he further added”.

Yet the workers working at warehouses will remain unaffected by this decision as it is expected that the large percentage of Amazon’s 1.2 million-strong global staff is likely anticipated to labor at Amazon warehouses, packing boxes, sorting items, and loading and unloading trucks.

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