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‘Ecosia’, a sustainable search engine, is gaining traction on the internet


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If I ask you which search engine you use nowadays, then you’ll probably answer Google, Bing, or Yahoo, as these platforms are at the boom right now and making huge profits. However, how you react if I tell you that apart from these search engines, there is a search engine that allows you to plant trees in any part of the world? don’t get surprised as it is true!! there is a search engine that allows us to help greening thousands of forests and fields just by searching on its platform; this search engine is known as Ecosia. Ecosia is a fantastic initiative for people who want to plant trees but are unable to do so owing to the lack of time and resources.

Who has founded Ecosia and when it was launched?

Christian Kroll was founded Ecosia, a Berlin-based search engine in 2009 in support of the UN climate talks in Copenhagen. This search engine has supported around 28 languages since its inception. This platform is used by over 15 million people all around the world. Ecosia claims to have planted over 130 million trees around the world, which is a great achievement in itself. Now you must wondering how this site contributes in tree plantation, so let me explain you that it distributes 80% of its earnings to the non-profit reforestation organizations around the world. Previously, only few people were aware of this search platform, but following the Amazon Forest fire in August 2019, the number of installations of its search platform began to rise.

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In the early days of the launch Ecosia had used Yahoo technology to run the search engine, and the advertisements displayed on Ecosia were also obtained by Yahoo. The two companies also came to an agreement under which it is stated that the revenue generated by the company will split equally between the two companies. Although, currently Ecosia leverages Bing’s technology as well as its own algorithm to run the search engine smoothly.

What kind of privacy and security features does Ecosia offer?

In 2018, Ecosia changed its privacy policy, stating that it will not collect or store any of its users’ data, and ensured whatever the user searches will always remain private, and no one else will having access to the user’s search history.

Is this search engine is completely transparent?

Now, the question that will arise in your mind will be about the transparency of this search platform; although the platform offers 100 percent transparency, which means that you will be able to find out where the revenue has been invested and where the trees are planted.

How we can use and install this search engine?

This search engine can be accessed in two ways: via website and via app.

Steps to use the Ecosia website to conduct a search:

  • To begin, go to Google and type Ecosia into the search bar.After the result appears, tap on the Ecosia search engine and type the desired keyword into the search bar. The user needs to search at least 45 times to plant one tree.

Steps to Install Ecosia application:

  • To install the Ecosia app, go to the Google Play Store and type Ecosia in the search box, then press enter. Wait for the complete search result to load before tapping on the Ecosia app.
  • After you’ve opened the app window, click on the Install tab and wait for the app to install. That’s all, once the application has been installed, launch it and begin searching on the Ecosia search engine.

Final Thought:

If every citizen around the world plant at least one tree a day, he/she can give their great contribution to saving the environment. At a time when the entire world is struggling with the issue of global warming and climate change, even a small contribution is beneficial for the environment and can have a positive impact on the earth, therefore if you are also concern regarding the environment issues around you then do support Ecosia.

Riya is a technology enthusiast and an avid researcher. She writes about consumer tech, hacking, and technology consumer issues at TheDigitalHacker.
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