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Elon Musk confirmed the expansion of Ev Supercharge stations this year


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Last Updated on 22/07/2021 by Riya

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc, announced on Twitter that the company will build more Ev Supercharging stations for additional rechargeable vehicles soon this year. By building over 25,000 charging stations for Electric vehicles the Ev automaker company ‘Tesla’ will earn a significant amount of profit. It is speculated that along with Tesla, other automakers also plan to build their own Ev charging stations. Recently, some American companies also enter into an agreement with network firms to build their own charging stations across the US as they will soon push their innovative battery-powered vehicle to the marketplace including Blink Charging Co, EVgo Inc, ChargePoint Holdings Inc, and Volkswagen’s Electrify America.

Last year, Tesla opened its largest single-point EV charging stations with 56 points across Bay Area and Los Angeles, convenience store and eatery is also available next to the Supercharger stations, allowing people to buy essentials and food items while charging the vehicle. Keeping in mind the increasing number of battery-powered vehicle manufacturers last month, Germany’s transportation minister also requested Elon Musk to expand its charging station for other Ev car manufacturers as well. In the response to the German transport minister’s request, Tesla confirmed to build more Ev charging stations in the coming months to allow other Ev manufacturing companies to recharge their battery-powered vehicles.

According to Reuters, last month, President Joe Biden’s administration also backed a bipartisan Senate agreement to spend over $1.2 trillion in infrastructure improvements including $7.5 billion for building battery-powered vehicle charging stations across the U.S. to encourage more Americans to use battery-powered vehicles, enabling fewer pollutants emission.

According to a research, electric vehicles release fewer greenhouse gases than petrol or diesel vehicles. Aside from that, Ev’s help to reduce air pollution and clean up the atmosphere, and due to this reason Automobile manufacturers are continually manufacturing electric vehicles.

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