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Essential guide to buy leaf blowers


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Let it be autumn or winter always you will have some kind of material in your backyard and at the front of your home. Getting a right leaf blower will help you to even move the snow away from your path. but getting a right leaf blower for your requirements might be a bit confusing because of lot many options in a market.


They come with various handheld units, backpack and wheeled models. Few blowers in the market also have the capability to vacuum and mulch leaves.Here at know which one we will let you know which is the right product for you.

We strongly recommend reading the below essential guide for better understanding before purchasing the product.

The types of leaf blowers

leaf blowers aren’t only meant for blowing the leaves they can also blow away the snow if the motor capacity is high. You will find 2 types of blowers in the market one is gasoline and another one is electric.

In the electric model, you will have cordless and cord leaf blowers. The blowers which can mulch or vacuum the leaves are a bit pricey when compared to the regular leaf blowers.

There are three different types of blowers

  •  Handheld
  • Backpack
  • Wheeled.

Hand held

Essential guide to buy leaf blowers 1

Now let’s talk about the handheld leaf blowers. They are powered by three different power sources. Gasoline corded electric or battery.

Gasoline handheld blowers: –

These are the most powerful handheld Motors. it can blow away leaves, snow, dirt, and debris. The gasoline Motors are the ones which make a lot of noise. You need to have an ear protection before you start cleaning your backyard. The weight of this is much more than the corded electric or battery blowers.


Spending lot of money for maintenance.

We need to consider maintenance charge for this handheld blower multiple times in a year. As these blowers are heavy then you need to consider a light in weight blower like corded electric or battery powered when you have a big space to be cleaned.

This will be the best move because your hand starts to ache due to its heavy if you think you are strong enough to clean all your backyard with that heavy blower then yes, you can get it done.

We will strongly recommend you to have a gasoline leaf blower if you have a backyard with leaf, dirt, debris or snow which are densely packed. It will be easy to blow away these things easily.

You need to purchase a premixed fuel for this leaf blower. You can find it in your nearest home improvement stores.

Corded electric handheld leaf blower: –

This has a limitation of the distance due to its wire. This is an electrically powered motor because of this reason it doesn’t require any maintenance like the gasoline blower. The noise is much slower when compared to the gasoline leaf blower.

The electric leaf blowers come with a vacuum attachment. You can mulch and vacuum all the leaves after you are done with the blowing. this is the extra or the best feature which is provided in corded electric leaf blowers. the gasoline blowers lack this kind of attachments.

The corded electric blowers can be a bit annoying when you are moving around in the backyard which has trees or stones on the way. It will be a vexed up movement when you find the cord is all around the backyard.

Battery powered leaf blowers.

These blowers are costlier than the gasoline or corded electric. The battery-powered is not as powerful as the gasoline or the corded electric. It has a limited time or power in the battery. But still, it does a lot of heavy job with the limited time period. This thing is cord-free so you can carry it anywhere you like for blowing. Most of the battery powered leaf blowers have a battery time of 30 minutes.

Backpack leaf blowers

Essential guide to buy leaf blowers 2

You need to consider this type of blowers only when you have a very big area to be cleaned. this should be used for only heavy performance or else you end up spending more money. You cannot have a vacuum or mulching attachment for this blower. These are two to three times heavier than the gasoline leaf blowers.

These make more noise than the gasoline leaf blowers.

Wheeled leaf blowers.

This is powered by gasoline which is a lot heavier than any leaf blower. You need to struggle to move this wheeled blower in your backyard. Due to its heavy engine if you have a densely packed leafs in your big backyard then you can fastly clean it up. These are a lot costlier than any leaf blowers. We don’t recommend this wheeled leaf blower unless you have a very big backyard with densely packed leaves, dirt, and debris.

You need to have at least a 6 square feet of space to store this beast.

Handheld or backpack or wheeled?

The handheld blowers are good for people who have a small backyard with densely or loosely packed dirt, debris or leaves. we don’t recommend if you have a bigger backyard because your hands start to ache while cleaning bigger backyard. You can have a gas blower if you have densely packed leaves.

You need to have bigger muscles if you want to use the backpack leaf blower. It’s quite heavier than the handheld. The backpack blowers have higher capacity than the handheld. We recommend this type of blower for people who have more than an acre of land.

The wheeled blowers are really helpful for the people who have few acres of land. The problem with this kind of blowers is that they are not easy to move on uphills or bad surface. The blowers get bumpy at a bad surface and make the blowing hard.

Gas or electric

The gas leaf blowers are significantly more powerful than electric leaf blowers which have a higher CFM and MPH ratings. Know which one recommends you to get a gas blower if you have tightly packed leaves in your backyard.

The electric blowers have a lot of limitations like distance and service time. The cord powered blower cannot blow more than 100 feet and battery powered blower cannot do more than 30 minutes.

Conclusion: –

The handheld is for people in a small place. Gas powered blower or corded electric blower will be the best choice for small places rather than a battery powered. Backpack blowers mostly are powered by gasoline and are a lot heavier as you need to carry them on your back throughout the work.

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