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Everything to Know About Apple’s Project Catalyst


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Interoperability and compatibility are the concepts Apple has ignored or embraced, depending on its situation. Now it seems like Apple is entering an era of incompatibility. It’s been quite some time that we heard about Project Catalyst and what it means for developers who want to bring their iPad applications to the Mac with macOS Catalina. Apple is using Catalyst itself to improve some of the existing Mac apps like News and Home. It is also trying to bring new apps like Podcasts to the Mac.

Now, reports are that Apple has more in store for Project Catalyst as the suggestions from macOS Catalina beta version. Steve Troughton-Smith, the developer, recently took to Twitter this week to showcase proof that Apple is working on Catalyst versions of the new apps: Messages and Shortcuts.

When asked about Messages, Smith explained that a surprising amount of UIKit Messages app would work on macOS, which includes features like iMessage effects, which had been missing for long from the macOS Message application.

If Apple has enough interest in the Mac to build a bridge for iOS apps, then there is definitely immense interest in putting Mac through a processor transition. Though it won’t happen all at once because of the pro users at the end of Apple’s product line that have needs that the giant company’s hardware can’t meet, it seems inevitable that it will happen.

The end result of this will be a Mac, which would be a bit more like the Mac of the 1980s. The difference between now and the 1980s is the mobile revolution that embarked on the development of Apple’s devices to achieve more popularity than ever, and has also discouraged the software and services that are capable of running on a Windows-like single platform. Surely, there couldn’t be a better recipe for the Mac and Apple to succeed.

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