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Facebook caught up in yet another lawsuit as it prioritizes its money making objective


Last Updated on 22/02/2021 by Khushi

In the most recent of the legal documents that was revealed, it presents data on Facebook’s unethical behaviour of having inflated advertising audiences to raise higher advertising revenue. The documents reveal such accusations having been made by various companies against Facebook, claiming that the tech giant on purpose didn’t remove fake accounts from amidst its “potential reach” tool metrics. This went on for years, as the lawyers go on to state in the lawsuit, that Facebook has misled the target audience by inflating its potential reach. 

The “potential reach”, as described by Facebook, is an estimated range of people that are targeted by an ad set. It is a unique calculation and does not stand in alignment with calculations made by third party or the general population census data.  

The plaintiff attorneys argued in a filing dated February 10, against Facebook’s action of having concealed such unethical behaviour to satisfy and preserve its own bottom line. 

The report further gives information about the action lawsuit filed against Facebook since 2018 which states that the managers in the team were aware of its inflated version of the potential reach measure. However, they still chose not to do anything about it for inducing higher revenue generation. 

Facebook’s previously filed request of dismissing its two year old litigation has been opposed by the Lawyers in the federal court of San Francisco. Further details are yet to be disclosed on part of Facebook upon this matter. 

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