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Facebook’s new name Meta started appearing in WhatsApp


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

The world’s largest social media networking company Facebook has now become Meta. Although the change has happened only in the name of Facebook, now its effect is visible on the Facebook-owned social messaging platform WhatsApp as well.

While opening WhatsApp, users have now started seeing WhatsApp by Meta instead of ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’ on the screen. However, for now, only some users will be able to see this change. However, soon this name will be visible to other users as well.

Let me tell you that Facebook has derived the word Meta from the Metaverse through which people can meet, work and play in a virtual world using a virtual reality headset.

It is believed that in the future Mark Zuckerberg may bring this technology to his apps and due to this the name has also been changed, although no official announcement has been made regarding when this technology will be released.

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