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Following the company’s latest data breach, a journalist demanded Rs. 30 lakh from “AirIndia.”


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

A 30-lakh claim was made by an Indian journalist in response to the recent leak of her personal information. One of AirIndia’s passengers, Ritika Handoo, sent a notice to the airline, alleging, “The firm alerted me about a data leak after 4 months, that is a breach of my rights to be ignored and information autonomy”. She cited the Chapter VII of the Indian Airline’s Consumer Care Data Protection Policy which states that all consumers have the right to change their data in the database. She further claimed that the airline company leaked her personal information purposefully.

“Air India is responsible for disclosing her critical data” her lawyer claimed in a recent statement. She was surprised to learn about AirIndia’s recent data leak, which exposed my client’s personal information to profiteering,” Ashwini Kumar Dubey further added. A cyberattack on the Swiss company SITA, a back-end network provider in February resulted in the leak of 4.5 million passenger details of India’s renowned airline company “IndianAirlines”.

Over 10 years data of the passengers including name, date of birth, contact information, passport information, ticket information, Star Alliance, and Air India regular passenger’s details had been leaked. Air India, on the other hand, guaranteed passengers’ safety by recruiting external data security experts, informing credit card issuers, and updating the passwords for Air India regular passengers.

Over time more and more data breach cases came to light in India. A month ago similar data breach case was found in Domino’s, which is accountable for the leak of 18 crores of Domino’s order details online including the name, email, contact details, as well as GPS location of the user. Furthermore, the credit card data of 10 lakh customers had also been leaked. However, Domino’s disagreed with any credit card data leak. Besides AirIndia and Dominos, the data leak cases were also found in Upstox, Facebook, and Mobikwik including sensitive data of the consumers.

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